Media Coverage – How To Gain Coverage For Your Cause

Media Coverage – How To Gain Coverage For Your Cause Black Lives Matter is an organization that originated as a tweet (#BlackLivesDontmatter) after Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teen, was shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The incident sparked an outrage from the local community who blamed the local police force for killing their young person inread more

Why You Should Be Doing This Now

What exactly is systemic racism? Systemic racism is racism at a national level – present in both private and public organisations. It defines when institutional racism is so deeply entrenched that it is perceived to be ‘natural’ – in many cases, because it is considered the only way to maintain order and avoid discrimination and violence. This type of racismread more

Civil Rights History – The Basics

Civil Rights History – The Basics The history of civil rights in America begins with the declaration of constitutional rights by the US Supreme Court, namely, the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution and the Fifth Amendment to the Bill of Rights. The second part of the Constitution is known as the Bill of Rights, which, unlike the first, was notread more

Detecting Police Brutality

Police brutality or overuse of force by local law enforcement is considered a crime in many states. Police brutality or improper use of force is a matter of public record and sometimes made available to the public in a news conference. However, the extent to which the media covers such issues can often be misleading. Police brutality can be aread more

Does The Media Have a Black Lives Matter Problem?

Does The Media Have a Black Lives Matter Problem? Since the beginning of the Black Lives Matter campaign, the movement has been a rare exception to the rule. Public opinion on police and race issues has always been moving increasingly left as the first demonstrations ignited over the acquittal of George Zimmerman. Even after the tragic shooting deaths of Altonread more

Why Does The Government Want to Fund the Police Force?

“Defund the Police” does not mean zeroing out funds for a specific group of law enforcement officers. It simply means to change funding to mental health, housing, and other social services. Critics argue that cuts in funds would result in smaller, less effective police departments, which would then put more people at risk. Others fear that a lack of policeread more

News and Diversity

Companies have become increasingly aware of the importance of diversity in their workforce. Employees are more important than ever before because they represent the company in the marketplace. When an employee is not a good fit for the company, then they may be able to use their power of influence to bring about change at the company level. Many companiesread more

Trends in the Future of Healthcare for the African American Community

African Americans are arguably the most disadvantaged ethnic group in America, a legacy of centuries of racial and ethnic injustice and a daunting challenge to equal health care for all. Systemic causes of poor black health need equally systemic solutions; promising recent trends in health indicators appear to be propelled by broader social development initiatives, greater economic opportunity, higher educationalread more

Sources of Information About the Black Lives Matter Movement

Sources of Information About the Black Lives Matter Movement Black Lives Matter is a non-profit activist group that started as a single hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and has since become a worldwide social cause. The movement is focused on ending police brutality and violence towards African Americans in America. There are different websites across the web that provide a variety of resourcesread more