How it Works

BlackFundMe is the best place to fundraise for black matters, whether you are an individual, group, or organization.

Free Fundraising for Black Matters

BlackFundMe was founded in July 2020.  After the public murder of George Floyd and the outpouring of financial support for black causes, it became clear that black people needed a fundraising platform of their own.

We Only Allow Fundraising for Black Matters

BFM only allows fundraising for black matters. 

Here’s our criteria for approving fundraising projects on BFM.

  1. The project must benefit people with black skin.
  2. If the beneficiary of a fundraiser is an individual black person, it is automatically approved.
  3. If the beneficiary of a fundraiser is not black, you must provide proof that the funds will be used for the benefit of black people, black culture, or black communities.  Otherwise, your project will not be approved.

And that’s it! 

The BFM Mission

Our mission is to bring permanent focus on the message of #BlackLivesMatter and the causes of Black people around the world.

Using BlackFundMe Directly Benefits Black Lives

BFM began because we saw that a platform needed to exist to exclusively support people of color.

GoFundMe is a great platform, but blacks need a platform dedicated to black causes.

We Donate 10% of our Profits to Black Causes

That’s right. We put our money where our mouth is.

BlackFundMe donates 10% of it’s profits to black communities and black causes. 

We’re here to make a PERMANENT difference in the lives of black people around the globe.